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  • We don't play nice.

    The athletic industry needs a rebel, so we’re here to cause a ruckus.

  • We respect style and hustle.

    Every sport is a game of fight and finesse, we’re just giving the athletes a spotlight.

  • We’re Cleveland through and through.

    Believers of the midwest entrepreneurial renaissance; it’s not new, it’s inevitable.

Meet the Team
  • Brian Verne Chief Executive Officer brian@phenomapp.com
  • Mike Eppich President mike@phenomapp.com
  • Cory Breed Lead iOS Engineer
  • Stephen Hatch Lead Backend Engineer
  • Josh Rhode UI/UX
  • Diego Aguilar UI/UX
  • Mike Lee Interaction Design
  • Colin Murphy Creative Director
  • Arden McWilliams Business Development
  • John Seiler Business Development
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CNXN LLC dba Phenom 2206 Superior Viaduct, Suite 500 Cleveland, Ohio 44113
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